Remain in the forefront of innovation service and methods Enhance our service to meet the needs of our clients Introduce new service as and when they need arises Keep up to date with the latest technology to be of excellent service to our clients To make our country a better place than we found it Create jobs and business opportunities across South Africa


To be there when our client needs of us To provide high quality service to meet the needs of our clients To provide professional and friendly services and be responsive to their needs and that of our employees. Every decision we make every action we take has one overriding purpose.


High Quality delivery in the key areas of projects,management and supply,supervising and equality control is seen as crucial.Projects and Client to client,DSM would undertake to always provide service second to none. The attitude to total quality management is embedded within the DSM culture and is continuously being reviewed.A Regular program of in hours seminar and external courses include quality performance standard,Inter personal Communication skills and Team Building,as well as regular group meeting especially targeted to care for major client business relationship.